Camden Business & Contractors Association

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CBCA Committees & Chairpersons!

Government Affairs Committee

Kenneth Barnshaw

Vice President Government Relations & Community Affairs

South Jersey Federal Credit Union

Rafiq Heigler


Sure-Bio Chem Laboratories, LLC.

Mr. Barnshaw is the Chairperson of the Government Affairs Committee which oversees compliance and government.  

It works closely with government and political agencies.

Contractors Committee

Samuel T. Blango III


Seccom International Group, LLC.

Walt Dixon


Contractor Service

Mr. Blango and Mr. Dixon are the Chairpersons of the Contractors Committee which  provides education, 

referrals, veteran programs, job sources and networking seminars.

Membership Committee

Chris Collins


The Anointed News Journal

Raymond K. Jones


We See You, LLC.

Mr. Collins and Mr. Jones are the Chairpersons of the CBCA Membership Committee which will help increase our membership.  

It handles the members' benefits and opportunities within the city and county.